Why is change so difficult?

Have you tried to make a change that is really important to you, and realised that you couldn’t. Have there been times that you have walked towards making a change and then probably turned back because it was too hard. Have there been times when you have made new year resolutions, decided to eat well, exercise, probably change a habit that you have been wanting to change, only to realise that it lasted for a little time and then it was difficult to sustain it.

Change is something that we know is important and yet it’s extremely difficult to actually make happen. Over a period of time, in my experience, I have realised that people make wonderful changes if they realise what are the spaces in which change can get difficult. So today I am going to talk about two phases of change, which are very very important for you to know.

So, let’s talk about what happens when you actually decide to make a change. So there is a lot of clarity in your mind, you are motivated to want to make a change, as you begin the process of change, the first thing that happens is that you get thrown into Chaos. This is a phase where you let go everything that is familiar but you yet haven’t reached on the other side. So there is a lot of discomfort, there is a lot of not knowing how this change is actually going to turn out. This is a time when most people tend to walk back, because the chaos is too difficult to handle

The phase of Chaos leads you to the next phase, which is Challenge. This is a phase when you actually challenge all your old ways of being. Challenging your own ways of being and the expectation of other people can actually need a lot of courage because this is when you shed the old and actually walk into the new.

Change can be a wonderful wonderful process, yes at times its scary, at times it may seem difficult, but once you know how to support yourself as you move through the phase of chaos, and you move through the phase of challenge, it is wonderful because now you can embrace the new.

So today is a good time to ask yourself that if there is any change that you are embracing now, where are you and how can you support yourself as you move through this beautiful cycle of change. Because change is the only pathway to a newer you…

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