The Classic Trap of being “That” Parent

This video is especially for all the parents out there who are doing an absolutely amazing job with your children. 
Parenting is an extremely difficult job because there is no manual that one gets when one becomes a parent.  So it is actually a job that you are learning on the go..
Let me talk about one TRAP that most parents fall into. and that is the trap of trying to be the PERFECT parent. 
When you are trying to be the perfect parent you tend to judge yourself and you tend to assess everything that you are doing, comparing yourself with other people and with your own standards of what is okay and  what is not okay. You create a lot of ‘SHOULDS’ for yourself. I ‘should’ be like that..i ‘should’ be patient as a parent..i ‘should’ be caring as a parent..i ‘should’ be on top of things as a child ‘should’ have the best of opportunities  and ONLY then i am a successful parent.
While all these things are important, the ‘shoulds’ create tremendous amount of pressure on you to be that perfect parent.  
And who do you think bears the brunt of this? YOUR CHILD. Because just as you are wanting to be a perfect parent and you are experiencing the pressure to be perfect, you child is experiencing that pressure as well.  
What would become possible if you just ease out and if you just know that you are doing the best that you can with the awareness that you have right now.
What’s probably more important is to be a HAPPY to be a JOYFUL to be a parent who has a wonderful connection with their children. 
So today are you ready to be that imperfectly wonderful, happy, joyous parent. IF NOT NOW, WHEN?