Signs That You Are Feeling Emotionally And Physically Overwhelmed 

At times life can get difficult. Volatility and unpredictability is an inbuilt feature of life. Sometimes we’re high up and doing great and suddenly things could take a turn and we feel down and under. Life’s constant chaos can really have a negative impact on an individual’s mental and physical wellbeing.

Here are some signs that you may be feeling emotionally and physically exhausted 

1. You aren’t sleeping well
2. You are constantly anxious
3. Your motivation levels are low
4. You get irritated very easily
5. Things that aren’t that important really upset you
6. You feel physical aches and pains
7. Your energy levels are low
8. Change in appetite: too much or too little food
9. You feel impatient
10. You feel detached and distant from others
11. You are more forgetful than before
12. You find it hard to keep your commitments
13. Your sex drive is low
14. You feel stuck, anxious and overwhelmed
15. You are consumed by negative self-talk
16. Are easily distracted, unable to focus
17. Ruminate about the past or hold anxiety about the future
18. You experience a lot of mood swings

It’s not about absence of stress or escaping to a peaceful abode in the mountains to find peace, but experiencing a deeper sense of inner calmness in the midst of chaos. Our main message is to help you stay grounded in the shifting sand of life. 

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