Four Listening Behaviour’s of Excellent Coaches  

A Coach who listens well, creates tremendous emotional safety for the client. In that safety, the client can allow himself/herself to be completely vulnerable and open. In this space only magic can happen! How can you do this? Read on…

#1. Prepare yourself mentally

Firstly quieten your mind, empty yourself emotionally and put your agenda side. If you carry your own preoccupations in the coaching conversation, it is impossible to be fully present to your client. Only when you step out of your own, can you step into your client’s version of reality.

#2. Remove All Distractions

Be fully present with your client, as if there is no one on earth except your client. Allow yourself to fully hear and be heard by the client. Make sure that you prepare your environment so that there are no interruptions 

#3. Eye Contact & Facial Expressions

Look at your client, as an invitation for him/her to connect. Be respectful and warm. Match the tone of your voice to your client. Your facial expressions need to match what is being said. Poker face can be very intimidating to clients. Avoid this.

#4. Listen both for what is said and what is not being said 

Every time a client speaks to you, knowingly or unknowingly will hold back information. It is your job as a coach, to hear what is not being said as well as what is being said. If you feel there is more, ask open and exploratory questions to go deeper. This intuitive ability is what makes you an excellent coach!!