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USA’s foremost Psychometric Leadership Tool

Psycho-Geometrics® – The Science of using Geometric Shapes to Decode People
Using Geometric Psychology to master the art of ‘Communicating Beyond our Differences’ By the First & Only Licensed Master Consultants in India

Which shape are you?

Psycho-Geometrics® uses ‘Science of Shapes’ to analyse and categorise psychological types. Are you a Triangle? Box? Circle? Squiggle? or a Rectangle?

BOX…  Learn why colleagues come to you for help.
CIRCLE…  Learn why people bring you their personal problems.
RECTANGLE…  Learn why you are always the last to know.
SQUIGGLE…  Learn why you are so easily bored
TRIANGLE…  Learn why you always get the “best deals”

Date: 22 (Wed) – 26 January (Sun) 2020 – 5 Days
Time: 9:30 am to 6:00 pm (Non Residential)
Venue: Hotel Hilton International Airport, Mumbai

Fundamental Principle

Our lives and work is shaped profoundly by our personality. It is our personality that influences how we make conversations, resolve differences, deal with conflicts, the careers we choose and whether we succeed at them. It also governs whether we can be successful leaders, what motivates us, how much we learn from our mistakes and assert ourselves.

Psycho-Geometrics® provides a powerful methodology to decode your own personality and identify ways to improve communication. It uses geometric psychology to identify the beliefs, values, and attitudes of any person you meet.

How will you benefit from this program?

This five day certification program is an intensive experience for your growth as a facilitator, as well as to develop the knowledge and skills to lead your own workshops based on this powerful internationally validated psychometric tool.

You will receive training to have an in-depth understanding of the Psycho-Geometrics Framework, techniques to decode the five different shapes, strategy & scenario cards to help people work with all different kinds of people, practical exercises and insightful fun activities to create new behavioural patterns for effective communication & leadership. You can use this material in various different ways to conduct your own short as well as longer intensive workshops.  

At the end of this insightful journey you will depart with a deeper understanding of yourself and people, new skills as a facilitator, a certificate of facilitation, a vision for your work, and complete course manuals along with all the materials you need to lead workshops based on Psycho-Geomterics such as ‘Communicating Despite Differences’ 

Power Packed Workshops Based on Psycho-Geometrics®:

Psycho—Geometrics® framework is used successfully, on an international platform for the following workshops and more

  • Communicating Beyond Differences
  • Workshops on Decoding Team Dynamics and Building Powerful Teams
  • Managing Conflicts & Influencing Skills
  • Emotionally Intelligent Parenting
  • Building Successful Relationships
  • Powerful Conversation skills
  • Authentic Leadership
  • Selling and Negotiation Skills
  • Customer Service Excellence

The Certification Training will enrich you…

  • Make personal breakthroughs with new insights
  • Welcome a deeper understanding of the roots of human behaviour & patterns of interactions
  • Receive an in-depth training with different techniques to create transformation
  • Have opportunities to practice your new skills
  • Acquire materials necessary for leading Psycho-Geometrics® workshops
  • Develop skills which will integrate into your existing career

Who attends this training?

  • All Individuals responsible for managing, developing, coaching or leading others
  • Human Resource Professionals, Therapists, Behaviour Architects, and Change Facilitators
  • Individuals interested in developing deep insight into human behaviour patterns and influence others to achieve outstanding results

Training course includes…

  • The Certification to be a Psycho-Geometrics® Workshop Facilitator and an opportunity to transform lives
  • Leader’s Manual with the complete script to lead workshops based on ‘Communicating Despite Differences’ 
  • Participant Workbook
  • Complete Deck of Power Point Slides (PPT)
  • Video Scenarios complied by Dr. Susan Dellinger
  • ‘Quick Indicator’ Cards
  • Flexing Scenario Cards
  • 50 Shape stickers
  • Handouts
  • We also share ideas on how to offer short workshops as possible options for your clients
  • All Beverages & Lunches
<center>Sneha & Shashank with Dr Susan Dellinger</center>

Sneha & Shashank with Dr Susan Dellinger

Certification Process

In order to become a Certified Psycho-Geometrics® Facilitator, the participant will be required to undergo a complete certification process. The objective is to ensure that the people who represent us are the highest quality trainers and speakers.

  1. Attend the full five Train-The-Trainer Workshop
  2. Evaluation while presenting Psycho-Geometrics® in front of the audience for a period of minimum 30 minutes. This evaluation is necessary to ensure that each trainer has:
    – knowledge of the material and
    – professional presentation skills
  3. Take the Psycho-Geometrics® assessment at the end of the workshop
    * Certification will be subject to clearance of video recording evaluation and assessment. Isra has complete authority to accept/postpone any participants certification

If accepted, you will have the full support of the Psycho-Geometrics® organization behind you.

As a certified facilitator , you will receive the New Trainer’s Kit which includes all training materials required to deliver a comprehensive and professional training program on Psycho-Geometrics®.

The Path-Breaking Discovery

Dr.Susan Dellinger, communications specialist and author of ‘Communicating Beyond Our Differences’, developed a path-breaking behavioral system that uses a “common shape language” to identify personalities and decode the ways in which our individual brains function.

Psycho-Geometrics® was created in 1978 and since then, this program has been presented to various Fortune 500 Corporations, and to over 1 million people in 24 countries, significantly improving communication among colleagues, managers, customers and personal relationships.

Her book, Communicating Beyond Our Differences: Introducing the Psycho-Geometrics® System (Prentice-Hall/Jade Ink, 1989/1996), has been translated into 7 languages including Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Arabic.

Once you understand the “common shape language” you can use it immediately to turn tension into traction – confusion into clarity – ideas into results! Psycho-Geometrics®is a ubiquitous articulation of Carl Jung’s insights into Personality Types.

Psycho-Geometrics®is especially useful in linking behaviour to results in the areas of leadership, management, communication, team building, sales and service and can be utilized by any department.

<center>Susan Dellinger</center>

Susan Dellinger

Some Testimonials Worldwide:


“The Psycho-Geometrics®  Training has been an incredibly enriching experience. It has enhanced my level of understanding of people, their strengths, emotions, behaviour, and also their limitations. The course content is rich, the techniques are simple and effective. And the strategies for managing self and others are excellent. Highly recommended.”
– Asha Shah, India

Psycho-Geometrics® helps you in understanding yourself and all the people in your life. It also helps you easily communicate/ interact with them in a ‘language’ that they understand best. This will surely minimise conflicts in my life. I’m excited to offer workshops!”
– Unnatee Umale, India

“The information presented was thought provoking, inspiring and extremely useful. I believe we can truly make a difference in the world.”
– Dr. Susan Tomazic-Allen, USA

“Gave me an amazing insight into my own thinking and behaviour patterns. It also helped me have a deeper understanding on how to influence others. The workshop answered a lot of my questions about why people behave the way they do.“
– Neha Divanji, UK

“This training has changed my thinking! I am now better equipped to have better relationships both personally and professionally. I feel like I have learnt a new approach to life. I feel confident and happy.”
– James Perkins, Italy

<center>Some Companies using <I>Psycho</I> - Geometrics®</center>

Some Companies using Psycho - Geometrics®

About Your Workshop Leaders

Sneha Shah

Sneha is a Consulting Psychologist with a double major in Psychology. She has a driving passion for creating a difference. She has received immense recognition for doing path-breaking workshops in companies across the world, at all levels of management, including Leadership Excellence, Critical Conversations, Personality Profiling, Team Architecture, Building High Impact Teams, Influencing Skills, Etiquette and many others.

Sneha is certified in Emotional Intelligence Profiling, Thomas DISC Profiling, FIRO-B, MBTI, Psycho-geometrics, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis and many others.

Sneha is a certified Heal Your Life Workshop Leader and Life Coach, trained in U.S.A. 

Sneha Shah

Shashank Gupta

Shashank Gupta is a dynamic entrepreneur who is a qualified engineer and an MBA from a premier institute. He is a powerful facilitator, having conducted several international programs in Switzerland, Russia, UK and USA. He specializes in programs such as, Conflict Resolution, Relationship Management, Action Centered Leadership & powerful Train-The-Trainer Programs.

He is a qualified `Executive Coach for Peak Performance’, Malaysia, Transactional Analysis Practitioner, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Belbin Team Role Assessment, Psycho-Geometrics and others. He is also a Certified to use John Adair’s Action Centered Leadership- UK

Shashank is a certified Heal Your Life Workshop Leader and Life Coach, U.S.A

Shashank Gupta

Sneha Shah & Shashank Gupta (Founders of ISRA training company of Mumbai) are owners of Psycho-Geometrics® India, a fully owned and independently managed Indian division, supported by Dr. Susan Dellinger & P-Geo Worldwide. Sneha & Shashank have the exclusive rights to offer Train-The Trainer programs, certify consultants and the (IP) intellectual Property (Psycho-Geometrics® system) in the region of India. 



For Registrations after 14th January 2020 – Will depend on availability and approval by the organisers
145,000 Rs + Indian Government Taxes (18%)

You can also avail of Payment Plan:
1st Deposit (latest by 24 December 2019) : 70,000 INR
Final Deposit (latest by 14 January 2020) : Remaining Amount


Contact info@isra.co.in for more information

Licence Agreement & Fees
An annual fee of $99 will grant you the legal right to present Psycho-Geometrics® in India, for that year. This fee is mandatory as long as you wish to practice Psycho-Geometrics®. The annual renewal fee also includes access to 10 free yearly Psycho-Geometrics Online Inventory. Your first license fee is due on 24 January 2020.

This program only certifies you to offer workshops in India. The license fees is towards offering these programs in India. With this certification you can purchase Online Inventories. If you are looking for a global certification, Psycho-Geometrics India can provide that at an additional payment of $4200. This additional payment is towards an International Certification which will certify & license you to lead workshops across any country in the world. 

Payment Options

  1. Courier Cheque at Isra Corporate Office:

62, ‘C’ Wing,
Mittal Court,
Nariman Point,
Mumbai, India – 400021

Cheque in the name of ‘Isra’

  1. Transfer Funds in Bank Account

Name of Account Holder: Isra
Name of Bank: IDBI Bank Ltd. 
Bank Account Number: 019102000019062
Bank NEFT IFSC Code: IBKL0000019
Type of Account: Current Account

  1. Online Payment of Funds

Can be done using Credit Card/Debit Card on www.isra.co.in
Note: All online payments will be subject to 1.5% Convenience Charge by payment gateway


  • Due to the special nature of the program, the above payment plan must be adhered to. Unfortunately, we will not be able to make exceptions
  • All payments must be made latest by 14 January 2020
  • Submitting PAN card is mandatory 
  • Please submit any cancellation requests in writing. Your initial deposit is non refundable. If you cancel three weeks before the training begins, all but INR 70,000/- is refundable. No refunds are possible after that unless we find someone to take your place in the program. If someone is available, all will be refunded except INR 85,000/-

Contact Us


+91 98214-24251
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Important Note:

Sneha Shah & Shashank Gupta (Founders of ISRA training company of Mumbai) are owners of Psycho-Geometrics® India, a fully owned and independently managed Indian division, supported by Dr. Susan Dellinger & P-Geo Worldwide. ONLY, Sneha & Shashank have the exclusive rights to offer Train-The Trainer programs, certify consultants and the (IP) intellectual Property (Psycho-Geometrics® system) in the region of India.