Practical Tips To Maintain Emotional Balance

Anger or rage is contagious. Before we realise it, things escalate out of hand. What if we decided to consciously train ourselves to maintain AND regain our balance when we find ourselves in the quicksand of intense emotions? Try these three techniques this week. We know they work!

The Three Practical Tips To Maintain Emotional Balance

Technique #1: Take Deep Breaths

Have you ever felt your blood boil, within seconds of getting angry? When you experience intense emotions, become physically activated (your heart rate is increases, your muscles tense up, etc.). The most powerful technique at this time is, to respond by taking long, slow, deep breaths. Repeat the following affirmation till you find yourself calming down “I am in control of my reaction… No person, place, or thing has the power to affect me…I am calm and in balance”

Technique #2: Stop Over-Thinking

Sometimes we tend to ruminate over the past and what people have said, and think about it for hours. Remember, living in the past leads to depression. Living in the future leads to anxiety. Living in the here-and-now is what enables you to feel more centered and in balance. Stop spending energy thinking about what cannot be changed. Learn to let go of the past. Instead choose to stay focussed on the present moment.

Technique #3:Look for Positives

You can alleviate your emotional distress if you de-focus from your immediate experience of pain, injustice, fear, hurt, or disappointment, and get yourself to re-focus on what is positive in your life. Focus on what you can feel grateful for. This change of perspective can completely transform your feelings about your life and relationships.

That’s it. When some person or situation in your life leaves you feeling anxious, depressed, or enraged, you’re now armed with three techniques for working with those distressing feelings (and, no doubt, there are others). Just remember to take a pause before reacting, and everything else will fall into place.