4 Signs That You Are Not Being Heard

#1 – You don’t speak at all

You decide that you won’t be heard so you withdraw and not bother to say anything at all.  This way you avoid the pain of rejection and of being unacknowledged. Most of your feelings and thoughts get locked inside. Sometimes you feel like you are going to explode.  

#2 – You tend to repeat yourself

Even after saying something, you feel that your words were not heard and so you say it again, and maybe even a third or fourth time.There is an underlying sense of anxiety as you try to get yourself heard.

#3 – You speak fast

When you are afraid to be interrupted, you rush to get our words out before someone cuts you off. This adds tension to your voice.

#4 – You raise your voice

You speak loudly to command attention. You say things (sometimes nasty/mean) to grab the attention of the other person. You amplify your voice in an effort to dominate the conversation and keep others from saying anything.

Do any of these/all of these relate to you? In what ways are you not feeling heard in your relationships? An Important question also is, are people in your life feeling heard by you?

4 Powerful Practices to Listen with An Open Heart

#1 – Empty Yourself

Keep your own perspective aside. Your own views, your own feelings anything that you are carrying into the conversation. Just keep is aside for a moment.

#2 – A Different Perspective

Realise that the other person may have a reality which is different from yours. And just being willing to see things from a different perspective, from the other persons reality. 

#3 – Issue or the Person? 

Focus on the issue and not attack the person. Listen to understand the problem and not to prove yourself right

#4 – Show That You Are Listening

Nodding your head, making eye contact, facing the other person, letting the other person know that you are completely physically, as well as mentally available and present in the conversation.

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