Are you not feeling heard?

Do you have somebody in your life that you feel really listens to you. And listens to you without advice, without judgement, just being present and being there. And giving you the gift of listening. All of us have the fundamental need to be heard. Today we are going to talk about two levels of listening. The first one is what we use often, that is listening out of habit and what this means is, that when somebody is speaking to us, we listen out of our own past experience with the other person. Our own views, our own biases, our own upsets. And probably we see the other person and what the other person is saying through our own lens.

Has that ever happened to you, where you have spoken to someone, and you have felt that they are not truly listening to you and what you have to say, but they are listening to what they believe you are going to say.

The second type of listening is listening with an open heart. And what this means is, that for a moment you keep your self aside, your past experience with the person aside, your own hurts upsets whatever it is that comes up for you aside and you truly listen to what the other person is saying. Listening does not mean agreeing. Listening simply lets the other person know that they are important enough for you to hear them.

So how do you develop listening with an open heart?

And they are 3 simple steps to listening with an open heart.

Step 1: Empty yourself. Keep your own perspective aside. Your own views, your own feelings anything that you are carrying into the conversation. Just keep is aside for a moment.

Step 2: Realise that the other person may have a reality which is different from yours. And just being willing to see things from a different perspective, from the other persons reality. 

Step 3: show that you are listening with your body language. Nodding your head, making eye contact, facing the other person, letting the other person know that you are completely physically, as well as mentally available and present in the conversation.

Listening is a big gift and today I want you to really consider how can you listen to people in your life better, because what you give out comes back to you.

So what is the one step that you are willing to take today? Do write to us and subscribe to our YouTube channel

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