Why are some people prosperous?

I have always wondered why are there some people who are extremely prosperous and they are abundant. Where as there are some other category of people, who despite working hard and putting in all the effort, do not feel that they have enough. 
What causes the difference between these two? Is it hard work? Is it luck? Or is it just different possibilities that these two people get? 
Today I am going to talk about something which is very close to all our hearts, and that is money. 
Today I would like to bring a different perspective to this. It is not just about hard work or about luck, but it is about your basic core relationship with money. 
One good question to ask yourself is, what did you learn about money as a child? What were the conversations around money, in your family, as you were growing up? 
What are the beliefs that you hold about money? 
Do any of these sound true?
  • Money is a limited resource 
  • I have to work hard for money 
  • There is never enough money 
  • It’s selfish to want a lot of money
  • More money, more problems 
  • It’s not easy to earn money
These limiting beliefs are assumptions that we hold true and that becomes our relationship with money. And this relationship, is what plays out in everyday of our life. 
So if you believe that money is hard, that’s the kind of life experiences that get created around money. 
Now imagine, if you had a different set of beliefs as far as money is concerned.  That money is easy. Money flows to you easily. You are deserving of a lot of abundance. I deserve to be wealthy. Now when you have these beliefs that you hold as true, your experiences around money become totally different. 
I would like you to think about what is your belief around money? And how is that impacting your life? Positively or negatively? Take some time to write down some of these beliefs, in the comments box below 
  • New Empowering Beliefs – Welcome Prosperity! 
  • I have a wonderful positive relationship with Money 
  • I deserve to be wealthy 
  • Money comes to me easily
  • I always have enough for all my needs and wants 
  • I release all resistance and open my arms to prosperity. 
  • I am abundant, financially, emotionally and spiritually
  • All is well in my world, now and always