“Weight! Why would you not go?”

“Weight! Why would you not go?” – Let’s begin with 3 life changing tips

This video is especially for everyone whose been trying to lose weight! Have you ever wondered why is it that we are not able to stick the exercise regime that we have planned for ourselves. Have you ever wondered that we start off with planning a great diet and then we don’t end up sticking to it. Have you ever wondered why that happens?

Today let’s take a step back and ask ourselves the most important basic question ‘ Why do we end up putting on weight in the first place?’ The fact is that you will never be able to lose weight or achieve the ideal body shape that you are looking for, until and unless you truly and completely LOVE YOURSELF. As long as you punish yourself for the weight, it is never going to go away. What we resist tends to stick the most. So today I am going to share with you, three amazing tips on you can lose weight. And this is life changing!

The first tip that we are going to talk about is START LOVING YOURSELF. Honor yourself.. Nurture yourself. Don’t compare yourself with anyone else as you are not meant to look like anyone else and we need to stop doing that. Instead appreciate yourself for how wonderful you are. Only when you love yourself, changes can happen. So why not do it now?

Tip number two.. Make friends with that person who is standing in front you in the mirror. Look at yourself and look at your body, and instead of noticing all the things that are not okay, take a moment to notice parts of you that are wonderful.

The third and the most important tip is, be MINDFUL of what you put in your body. Everytime you eat something, ask yourself, “if I eat this now, will it make me feel good later?” Affirm to yourself that, I love my body and therefore I feed it nourishing food. Say that to yourself multiple times and notice how you make right choices!

Tip # 1 – Love yourself now

Tip # 2 – Make friends the person in the mirror

Tip # 3- Be mindful of what you are putting your body

I am sure of you are able to use these three to begin with, it is going to be a wonderful journey to becoming the ideal weight & shape that you have always desired.