Managing Conflicts and
Dealing with Difficult People

From small disagreements to deep hurt and disappointments..nearly all of us know how conflicts in personal & professional life can affect us.

Even in the most extreme cases, there’s usually a way to deal with those who get under our skin. It begins with the vital insight that people around us are different from us, and that they think, feel, act and react differently.

Date: 7th (Sun) July, 2019

Time: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Venue: ISRA Training Studio, Tardeo, Mumbai
Maximum Participants: 12

Understanding our own reactions to conflicts, coupled with people management skills can go a long way in helping us deal with differences better.


This is a powerful workshop focused on gaining insight into seemingly ‘difficult’ people and how to deal with them, as well as developing an optimum conflict management style, for greater personal power and professional competence.

A mis-handled or ignored conflict can have dramatic effects on your personal & professional life, robbing an otherwise productive relationship, of its energy. It adversely impacts open and authentic communication in relationships, often breeding fear and resentment. The emotional stress involved in conflicts also takes a toll on the physical health, lowering the body’s immunity, causing fatigue, chronic aches & pains and other diseases.

This workshop helps you take charge of your life and resolve conflicts in a positive and empowering way.

The Conflict Management Styles Assessment, a standardized psychological evaluation tool used in the workshop, allows you to gain deep insight into your unconscious patterns of managing conflicts and make the necessary changes.

How will you benefit from this program?

  • Gain insight into psychological aspects of people and why they behave the way they do.
  • An introduction to some ‘difficult’ Personality Types which exist in every organisation/social setting.
  • A framework to deal with negative emotions arising while interacting with difficult people, such as anger, aggression, fear, resentment, helplessness, etc.
  • Assess each participant’s conflict management style (using Psychological Inventory) and identify its impact while dealing with difficult people.
  • Develop specific techniques and strategies to manage conflicts and deal with difficult people more effectively.

Some Testimonials Worldwide

“Excellent work! Great framework to understand conflicts and also manage emotions. Sneha and Shashank are specialists and are doing an amazing job”
-Amit Ahuja, India

“My glass feels like it’s been filled to the brim with information, insight, love, positivity and new ways to live my life. Thank you S & S. The information was wonderfully presented. Easy to understand and interpret. I can see things so much more clearer now! ”
– Tamara, Canada

“It was an absolutely empowering day! Thank you for sharing your hearts, your love and the positivity of effective conflict management. What a fantastic day…!”

– Florus Oskam, Canada“

“This training easily exceeded my expectations. It helped me understand who I am and why I react the way I do. I am extremely grateful I came here today..!

– Giselle, Canada

“Shashank and Sneha, I look forward to more workshops with you. I am taking new choices with me. I know understand why people behave the way they do! Powerful”

– Neha Divanji, London, UK

“S & S are very skilled and knowledgeable workshop leaders. They deliver a very clear and powerful message. They provide real world tools to improve your life and relationships!”

– Don Lethbridge, Canada

“Complex issues of conflict management presented in an easy to understand format. Great framework to resolve conflicts.”

– Nishit Kumar, India

About Your Workshop Leaders

Sneha Shah

Sneha is a Consulting Psychologist with a double major in Psychology. She has a driving passion for creating a difference. She has received immense recognition for doing path-breaking workshops in companies across the world, at all levels of management, including Leadership Excellence, Critical Conversations, Personality Profiling, Team Architecture, Building High Impact Teams, Influencing Skills, Etiquette and many others.

Sneha is certified in Emotional Intelligence Profiling, Thomas DISC Profiling, FIRO-B, MBTI, Psycho-geometrics, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis and many others.

Sneha is a certified Heal Your Life Workshop Leader and Life Coach, trained in U.S.A. 

Sneha Shah

Shashank Gupta

Shashank Gupta is a dynamic entrepreneur who is a qualified engineer and an MBA from a premier institute. He is a powerful facilitator, having conducted several international programs in Switzerland, Russia, UK and USA. He specializes in programs such as, Conflict Resolution, Relationship Management, Action Centered Leadership & powerful Train-The-Trainer Programs.

He is a qualified `Executive Coach for Peak Performance’, Malaysia, Transactional Analysis Practitioner, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Belbin Team Role Assessment, Psycho-Geometrics and others. He is also a Certified to use John Adair’s Action Centered Leadership- UK

Shashank is a certified Heal Your Life Workshop Leader and Life Coach, U.S.A

Shashank Gupta


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Rs. 6,300/-  For registration after 5 July 2019
Including certificate of participation, training material & lunch

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