An Introduction: Many organizations have acknowledged the fact that happy employees produce more than unhappy ones over the long term. These happy employees show up at work on time and ready to work, they’re less likely to quit, they go above and beyond the call of duty, and they attract people who are just as committed to the job. Moreover they are not sprinters; they’re more like marathon runners, in it for the long haul. Most evolved employers realize that a mentally healthy workforce is the key to running a profitable business. Studies have shown that more than half of employees feel disengaged at work. This offers us an amazing opportunity to offer a platform which focuses on Inner Health, a powerful way to creating a robust high performing workforce.

Residential Workshop Dates:
21 September (Sat) – 26 September (Thur) 2019
21 Sept –  7:30 pm – Starts with Dinner 
22 Sept – 25 Sept – 4 full days of training – 8:45am to 6:pm daily
26 Sept – 8:45am to 1:30 pm – Closing & Certifications

The Dukes Retreat

In the Valleys of Khandala
Pune Mumbai Road, Khandala, Lonavala 410 301, Maharashtra
Luxurious rooms with a stunning view of the valley
Serenity. Peace. Introspection

The HYL business training has now been held in Thailand, US, Mexico, Canada and the UK with excellent reviews. The course leaders, Shashank Gupta and Sneha Shah, received standing ovations for their professional presentation and comprehensive materials.

USA Training - 2015
USA Training – 2015
UK Training - 2016
UK Training – 2016
Mexico Training - 2016
Mexico Training – 2016

Eligibility: To take the business training requires the HYL teacher to have also taken the coach training because offering business workshops will often result in requests for coaching. The coach training prior to the business training is September 15 – 21, also at the Dukes Retreat. Of course, if you have taken the HYL coach training in a previous year AND have either led or assisted at a 2 day workshop, you are eligible to attend the business training.  

*If you have completed another coach training that is internationally recognized with 40 hours of in-person training and then coached others for at least 20 hours, contact us at info@isra.co.in to discuss this as an alternative to the HYL coaching. The decision of application approval is solely with the organisers 

Pre-Requisite: Click here for details of the Coach Training
*If you register for both the courses, we offer you a discount of Rs 10,000/- 

What you will learn:

  • How to position HYL in the business world
  • New exercises and activities relevant to the changing business culture
  • An opportunity to humanize the corporate environment
  • How to create a management style that moves from
    -Judgment to Awareness
    -Reactive to Responsive
    -Fear to Faith
    -Surviving to Thriving
  • Business presentation skills
  • How to deliver “sales pitch” with the confidence of a veteran sales rep. (This will be accomplished through training and live practice with your peers.)
  • Self Assessment using Psycho-Geometrics (the Science of decoding people using geometric shapes)

What You Will Receive:

  • Manual with complete script and handouts to lead a two day workshop
  • Manual with complete script for leading one-day and 3 hour workshops
  • Information and outlines for leading one-day and 3 hour workshops
  • Marketing Material including:
    -A Power Point Presentation to promote the programs
    -Outline of Promotional Emails
    -Pre-Reading Material for your participants
    -A powerful concept note to promote the programs
    -Handouts for participants during the workshop
    -Post Workshop Journal for Participants
    -Marketing ideas

About Your Workshop Leaders

Sneha Shah

Sneha is a Consulting Psychologist with a double major in Psychology. She has a driving passion for creating a difference. She has received immense recognition for doing path-breaking workshops in companies across the world, at all levels of management, including Leadership Excellence, Critical Conversations, Personality Profiling, Team Architecture, Building High Impact Teams, Influencing Skills, Etiquette and many others.

Sneha is certified in Emotional Intelligence Profiling, Thomas DISC Profiling, FIRO-B, MBTI, Psycho-geometrics, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis and many others.

Sneha is a certified Heal Your Life Workshop Leader and Life Coach, trained in U.S.A. 

Sneha Shah

Shashank Gupta

Shashank Gupta is a dynamic entrepreneur who is a qualified engineer and an MBA from a premier institute. He is a powerful facilitator, having conducted several international programs in Switzerland, Russia, UK and USA. He specializes in programs such as, Conflict Resolution, Relationship Management, Action Centered Leadership & powerful Train-The-Trainer Programs.

He is a qualified `Executive Coach for Peak Performance’, Malaysia, Transactional Analysis Practitioner, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Belbin Team Role Assessment, Psycho-Geometrics and others. He is also a Certified to use John Adair’s Action Centered Leadership- UK

Shashank is a certified Heal Your Life Workshop Leader and Life Coach, U.S.A

Shashank Gupta

How this training was developed: Imagine Dr Patricia Crane with her expertise in writing metaphysical/spiritual training courses putting her head together with Shashank and Sneha and their experience in writing business course. The only outcome you could possibly expect from this partnership is a truly masterful set of courses, and that is exactly what we have. The new certificate program includes 4 full days of training and all the materials necessary for leading complete one-day and two-day programs. Additionally you will receive instruction for presenting short “topic oriented” seminars and workshops for large and small business. You will also get comprehensive training on the specialties of marketing to the business community.


INR 1,70,000 + taxes
For registrations after 14 August 2019 (Wednesday) – Will depend on availability of rooms at venue and subject to approval by organisers

* Optional: For Single Occupancy – 23,000 + taxes extra


  • All days of Training  (21 Sept – 26 Sept)
  • All Meals: Starting with Dinner on 21 Sept and till Lunch on 26 September
  • Double occupancy lodging for 5 nights sharing room
  • Check in: 21 Sept – Check Out: 26 Sept


  • 18% Indian Government Tax (Goods & Service Tax). OR any other applicable taxes.
  • Travel to and from the venue

Payment Plans

Deposit for blocking your seat(Instalment 1):
Rs 45,000/-
(Note- this is non-refundable/non-transferable due to all the expenses we incur for organising the training.)

Additional Payable by 3 July(Instalment 2):
Rs 70,000 /-

Final fees payable by 12 August(Instalment 3)

  • Due to the special nature of the program, the above payment plan must be adhered to. Unfortunately, we will not be able to make exceptions
  • All payments must be made latest by 12 August
  • Submitting PAN card is mandatory 
  • Please submit any cancellation requests in writing. If you cancel six weeks before the training begins, all but INR 60,000/- is refundable. No refunds are possible after that unless we find someone to take your place in the program. If someone is available, all will be refunded except INR 85,000/-
  • Changing Courses: Transferring to another course or course date will not be permitted.

Some Testimonials - Worldwide

 “This training is perfect preparation to bring HYL into the corporate environment. Sneha delivers the program with her grace, wisdom and professionalism. Shashank is dynamic and brilliant, and knows his stuff. Thank you both. I’m prepared and excited to take this workshop to my organization.”
~ Cheryl Guttenberg, HYL workshop leader/coach, and V.P. of Human Resources for Kramer-Wilson Insurance in California

“I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to be part of a top-notch, innovative business training program.  You will leave with the tools needed to be successful, and experience your own personal transformation of confidence during this training.  Both Sneha and Shashank are expert presenters and perfect mirrors of managing with the Heart and Mind!”
~ Carolyn Hillenbrand, North Carolina

” Sneha and Shashank deliver the training beautifully. The materials are perfectly balanced for business, making the Heart and Mind connection in a way for businesses to assimilate and accept the ideas and implement them.”
~Heather Moore, UK

“This is a professional training programme expertly presented with very usable information. High quality and delived with conviction. I am ready to work with this programme immediately.”
~Eileen Clair, HYL Teacher-Teacher for Ireland


“Sneha and Shashank have gone beyond the call as facilitators! This workshop far exceeded my expectations and I feel ready and equipped to go out into the business world. They are perfect exemplars of how to lead with heart and mind!” 
~ Daniele Moore, Idaho

“The training is a fantastic workshop which is apt for any kind of organization. It connects Mind and Heart beautifully with the tools and techniques provided. A must for any HYL teacher interested in reaching out to the business world.”
~ Sapna Shroff, India

“This is a wonderful program synthesizing HYL principles with sensitivity
for the business world. I would thoroughly recommend the program for
anyone who wants to train from the heart.”
~ Sonia Samtani, Hong Kong

“This training absolutely gives you what you need to conduct HYL
programs for business. The manuals and the process are superb.”
~ William Escobar, USA

“This training easily exceeded my expectations. It shows you how to
motivate a business, build emotional intelligence, and ultimately
increase the bottom line!”
~ Damien Munro, Australia

Payment Options

  1. Courier Cheque at Isra Corporate Office:

62, ‘C’ Wing,
Mittal Court,
Nariman Point,
Mumbai, India – 400021

Cheque in the name of ‘Isra’

  1. Transfer Funds in Bank Account

Name of Account Holder: Isra
Name of Bank: IDBI Bank Ltd. 
Bank Account Number: 019102000019062
Bank NEFT IFSC Code: IBKL0000019
Type of Account: Current Account

  1. Online Payment of Funds

Can be done using Credit Card/Debit Card on www.isra.co.in
Note: All online payments will be subject to 1.5% Convenience Charge by payment gateway

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