Are you addicted?

Are you addicted? Take the control back…

Today lets talk about something that is very close to our heart, literally and otherwise. That is a cell phone. How much time do you see yourself or your family members spending on cellphone when you actually need to be sitting and talking to each other? In what way do you disconnect with yourself and your surrounding, when you are busy on this gadget? How often do you have an uncontrollable IMPULSE to go to the phone when ideally you know have spent enough time and you should probably be focussing on other things? This is typically what we call as ‘technological addiction’. You know technological addictions are the same as any other chemical addiction that a person would have. Be it drug addiction..or be it alcohol addiction.. or be it shopping addiction. All of these addictions have the same neurological impact on your brain.

While I say this I am not asking you to eliminate these devices, because they have their benefits and they are an important part of our everyday life. But what I am asking is, how well are you able balance the time that you have for yourself versus the time that you are spending interacting with this device. We recommend a device DETOX. We are not asking you to do anything drastic. Just small little change can go a very very long way in the way you manage your life and you manage the systems around you.   The one thing that I have done is, that I have set a time limit in the evening after which I do NOT get on any technological device and that has worked really really well for me. So what is the ONE thing that you would be willing to do in order to take the control back. Leave your suggestions, your ideas and strategies in the comment box below. I am sure it is going to be an inspiration for many other people who are looking at getting over this addiction.    

I create a life with new ways of being that totally supports my well-being. And I do it now!