Four Clients You Don’t Want To Work With As A Coach

Sometimes coaches can fall into the difficult space of figuring out when to say “no” to working with a client. 

Here are the four types of clients you don’t want to work with:

Type 1:  You Get The ‘Red-Flag’ Feeling 

If while talking to a potential client you feel resistant or something within you feels a “red flag” feeling; something just does not feel right, then don’t sign on to work with them. If you ignore or subvert your own wisdom and intuition on this one, and it never–ever–goes well.

Type 2:  The ‘I Am So-So Busy’ One  

If this is all about helping people to shift their lives, then a client who has a really over-scheduled life just isn’t in a place to do that-it’s best that you let him/her know that it would be better to start coaching at a different time. Signing on with this over-committed client often means constant rescheduling, cancelling and not finishing practices between sessions. This is not a satisfying experience for either the coach or the client. 

Type 3: Who Never Keep Their Commitment

Such as paying on time, following up with a promised email, coming to sessions on time etc.  You teach your clients how to treat you, by what you choose to accept. If the client shows up late, and you don’t draw your boundaries, you’re teaching that client that this is okay.

If you don’t say anything when a client pays late, you’re letting that client know that it’s okay to pay late. There are some basic accountability practices that need to be in place in order for you to work in a professional capacity. Your client needs to respect that. 

Type 4: Who Continually Play The Victim And Refuse To Move

If a client continues to play the victim, refuses to really look at an issue, resists all ideas for change, continually skips the practices you request between sessions, or does take any action, then it might be a sign that he/she just not ready. 

This means that it’s in everyone’s best interest to wait until the client is truly ready to make a change.