Journey to Self Love

A Heal Your Life Workshop

Experience A Transformation
Using Louise Hay Philosophy

With Master Trainers & International Speakers
Dr Patricia J. Crane, Ph.D. and Rick Nichols

25 February, 2018 (Sunday)

3:00pm – 7:30pm


Nehru Centre
Hall of Harmony
Dr Annie Besant Rd, Worli,
Mumbai, Maharashtra 400018

Location: Click here

“When you really love yourself, everything in your life works.” – Louise Hay
“When you really love yourself, everything in your life works.”
– Louise Hay

Loving yourself – it sounds so simple, but for most it certainly isn’t easy!  Yet loving yourself opens the door to new possibilities for your life!

During this worksop you will discover:

  • Why it’s so important, even essential,  to love yourself
  • The number #1 thing to STOP doing
  • The biggest obstacle to self-love
  • The most powerful process there is for loving yourself
  • How past experiences stifle self-love
  • Why loving yourself changes the world
  • Five daily habits to continue your journey to self-love

Design your Blueprint for Success & Change using the exclusive Cosmic Kitchen Journal 2018

“The beginning of the new year is always such a wonderful time of excitement and anticipation. It is as though there is a blank canvas for you to use to create a wonderful new picture for your life!

The 2018 Cosmic Kitchen Journal is designed to take you step-by-step to create more of what you want this year! It is set up so that you can write affirmations for the entire year, plus month by month.” – Dr Patricia Crane (Author)

Receive an exclusive (not for retail sale) copy, of the 2018 ‘Ordering from the Cosmic Kitchen’ Journal from the author – Dr Patricia Crane!
*This will be distributed on a CD

Journal 2018
Journal 2018

‘Louise Hay’ Philosophy

Louise hay, bestselling author of “You Can Heal Your Life” says that our thoughts create all our experiences in life. We also create every so called illness in our body, whether mental or physical – from a common cold to a tumor. It is all a manifestation of what we think and feel.

Her own story of battling cancer and winning life is one of courage and triumph. Leading by example, Louise Hay has taught millions of people to reprogram their subconscious mind and eliminate negative self beliefs and enjoy life for what it truly has to offer.. Happiness and Joy!

You Can Heal Your Life is available in 33 different countries and has been translated into 25 languages throughout the world. Since then she has continued to author several New Thought self-help books

You Can Heal Your Life Book
You Can Heal Your Life Book

About Your Workshop Leaders

Dr Patricia Crane, In addition to earning her Ph.D. in social psychology at Clarmont Graduate School, she has trained with some of the foremost teachers, including Louise Hay, Deepak Chopra, and Marianne Williamson.

Rick Nichols, is a spiritual seeker with an extensive background in communication. He is a master story teller with a gentle sense of humor, a passion for philosophy and a love of poetry.
In 1988, Patricia was asked by Louise Hay to lead Love Yourself, Heal Your Life® workshops.

Since then Patricia and Rick (partners in life, love, spirit, and business) have led these as well as other inspiring workshops on the mind/body connection, creative visualization, and prosperity. They have trained many workshop leaders throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, UK, and Europe.

Their workshops have received worldwide recognition and they are considered to be one of the foremost spiritual teachers of our time.

<center>Workshop Facilitators</center>

Workshop Facilitators


Rs 3900+Taxes – Regular Seats
Rs 4400+Taxes – Premium Seats
For registrations till 31 January 2018

Rs 4700+Taxes – Regular Seats
Rs 4700+Taxes – Premium Seats
For registrations after 31 January 2018

Fees includes:
Training Handouts
‘Ordering From the Cosmic Kitchen’ – 2018 Journal (On CD)
Snacks & High Tea

<center>Seat Layout</center>

Seat Layout

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